In March 2011, the Government of the Republic of Estonia concluded a contract with Mitsubishi Corporation for the sale of AAUs in the amount of 10 million AAUs to start the Estonian electrical mobility programme. The programme consists of three parts: 507 Mitsubishi iMiev electric cars were commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs as an example, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications developed a support system for natural and legal persons for acquisition of electric cars, and infrastructure for charging electric cars was created to cover the whole country. Distribution of the purchase grant and the administration of the quick charging network is organised by Foundation KredEx.

Since November 2012, the purchase of plug-charged hybrid vehicles has also been supported.

The goal of the programme is to speed up the commissioning of electric cars in Estonia, and facilitate the achievement of the goal undertaken by the state to increase the use of renewable energy by 2020.


It was possible to apply for the grant to purchase electric cars from 18 July 2011 until to the 07.08.2014.

The quick charging network of electric cars was constructed in Estonia by ABB.

The programme period is 2011-2014, corresponding to the trade period of AAUs according to the Kyoto Protocol.



  • 1882

    The first powerstation was constructed in the world

  • 1902

    The first mass production line of cars was opened. Oldsmobile, Michigan

  • 1970

    The first lithium-ion battery was developed. Binghamton University

  • 1980

    The first wind park producing renewable energy started operation. New Hampshire

  • 2012

    Estonia is the first country in the world constructing a charging network of electric cars