KredEx will end the provision of the ELMO quick-charging service from 1 September 2018.

In connection to the termination of the procurement contract, foundation KredEx will end the provision of the ELMO quick-charging service from 1 September 2018.

The aim of the ELMO programme is to speed up the adoption of electric cars in Estonia and help the state to accomplish the goal of increasing the use of renewable energy in transportation by 2020. Under the government’s lead, electric cars have been taken into use in the provision of public services and purchase grants were provided to those interested in getting an electric car. In addition, a quick-charging network for electric cars covering Estonia was also constructed, which is among the first in the world.

The quick chargers for electric cars have been placed all over Estonia to ensure sufficient freedom of movement for all users of electric cars.

The quick-charging service, with 167 available quick chargers, was financed from the ELMO programme. Since the launch of the fast-charging network in 2013, the chargers have been used more than 570,000 times and more than 5.5 million kWh have been charged.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications is organising a public auction for selling the service and finding a new owner for the quick-charging network. The results of the auction will be published via the website.


  • 1882

    The first powerstation was constructed in the world

  • 1902

    The first mass production line of cars was opened. Oldsmobile, Michigan

  • 1970

    The first lithium-ion battery was developed. Binghamton University

  • 1980

    The first wind park producing renewable energy started operation. New Hampshire

  • 2012

    Estonia is the first country in the world constructing a charging network of electric cars