Quick charger


  • DC quick charger with nominal capacity 50 kW meeting the CHAdeMO standard
  • AC charging socket Type 2 (for the so-called Mennekes plug), nominal capacity 22 kW

Requirements to durability in the Estonian climate

The Charging Devices shall last and function in Estonian climatic conditions and be capable of constant operation in temperature range of -35 °C .. +45 °C. The Charging Devices must have a certificate for operation in temperature range -25 °C .. +40 °C. 


Quick charging

Authorisation of a charging session by user

In order to become a user, a customer agreement must be concluded with Foundation KredEx via ELMO Self Service Web. For using the charger, the user must authorise a charging session:

  • by RFID card (ELMO customer card)
  • by SMS
  • by mobile application

Quick charging speed

The speed of quick charging (charging capacity) is controlled by the electric car. Thus, it greatly depends on the capacity of the vehicle and the batteries thereof. The temperature of the battery is also very important, depending on the temperature outside and using the vehicle.



  • 1882

    The first powerstation was constructed in the world

  • 1902

    The first mass production line of cars was opened. Oldsmobile, Michigan

  • 1970

    The first lithium-ion battery was developed. Binghamton University

  • 1980

    The first wind park producing renewable energy started operation. New Hampshire

  • 2012

    Estonia is the first country in the world constructing a charging network of electric cars